Best IPL Betting Sites In India

  • 4rabet Review

    Bonus +200% For The First Deposit

  • bet365 review

    Casino Bonus – Up To 8000 Rupees

  • Betway Review

    100% welcome offer up to Rs 8,000

  • 22bet Review

    Deposit bonus of 100% up to ₹10,000

  • 10cric Review

    Welcome Bonus – 150% up to Rs 20,000

  • 4rabet Review

    Bonus +200% For The First Deposit

  • 22bet Review

    Deposit bonus of 100% up to ₹10,000

  • Betway Review

    100% welcome offer up to Rs 8,000

It is no secret for all Indians that cricket is one of the most popular sports in India and in Asia in general. Cricket is also spreading on a good scale in the world, attracting new fans. And this is not surprising, because there is always something to follow. Mostly people pay attention to international competitions like the World Cup. But the national championships of the upper and lower divisions also have their viewers and fans. In India, the first place in attention among cricket competitions is, of course, the Indian Premier League. IPL is attractive not only for sports fans, but also for bookmakers, in particular their users.

Everyone knows that cricket is the most popular sport in India among fans. It is held in high esteem and many are interested in whether it is possible to place a bet on some event or on a match of your favorite team? In India, fortunately, there are several sites that accept bets from local users on various cricket events. The Indian betting market is attractive for bookmakers and many of them are paying more attention to it. Let’s see what platforms exist for this type of leisure and money making.

  • 4rabet
  • Bet365
  • Betway
  • Dafabet
  • 10Cric
  • LeoVegas

How To Choose The Best Website For IPL Betting?

IPL betting enthusiasts always want to achieve a goal that is a manifestation of success and as much profitability as possible. Finding a betting site that gives you the ability to place bets with all the conditions you need is a top priority for Indians. This task seems quite feasible, because it is realistic to choose that resource from many sites appearing on the Indian market, knowing the characteristics that are especially valuable for full-fledged IPL betting online in India. Let’s take a closer look at these criteria that the best sportsbooks should have.

  1. Huge selection of cricket bets, especially on Indian Premier League events.
  2. The IPL section is presented as an extended and multifaceted structure where you can select popular and niche rates in equal measure.
  3. High odds will please the fans to a special extent.
  4. Most IPL matches, especially the main and center rounds, should be streamed live on the best betting sites in india.
  5. Live betting opportunities should not be inferior to pre-match layouts. Odds must be updated regularly and without delay.
  6. There should be no questions about the legality and legal provisions in the market. IPL betting must be available to Indians in a reliable manner.
  7. The number of sportsbook licenses and certificates should fluctuate within reasonable limits. Additional data encryption using high technologies is only welcome.
  8. Lots of bonuses, IPL promo codes, specialized tournaments and special offers attract Indian users with special measure. The most valuable is the welcome bonus.
  9. It is important to quickly deposit and withdraw Indian rupees, as well as having a choice of methods for depositing and withdrawing funds (credit and debit cards, e-wallets and bank transfers).
  10. There must be a mobile application that can be downloaded and installed on Apple, Android, iOS, Windows Phone and so on.
  11. Customer support is available around the clock in various available ways in the form of email, 24/7 online chat, phone number. Professionals from the support system solve the problems and questions of the customers in the shortest possible time.


4rabet Review

Bonus +200% For The First Deposit

4rabet is the best IPL betting site in India. And this is not an unfounded statement. This resource is not considered an experienced mainstream sportsbook in the betting market in India, but in such a short time, this platform is making wonderful progress in progress and attitude towards Indian castomers. This all becomes a reality thanks to quality services, good reviews and recommendations.

Our 4rabet review identified this sportsbook as very popular among Indian players. A lot of positive in this vein brings a profitable 200% welcome bonus for fans of online betting and gambling from this company. This bookmaker offers a wide range of cricket and IPL betting options in addition to a great bonus. This applies to a larger set of rates and high coefficients. 4rabeth understands that cricket is a national sport and the IPL is the favorite competition of Indians. Players are also impressed by the IPL’s live betting mix and how quickly the odds update.

In addition to focusing on IPL online betting and bonuses, 4rabet has also taken care of high-level mobile betting by providing its own Sportsbook Company App. The set of quick and safe deposit and withdrawal methods is good. In addition, there are training materials for newbies regarding financial matters. By the way, IPL fans can read additional information in the 4rabet blog with clear texts. So 4rabet is an excellent bookmaker with a focus on the Indian market and IPL that is perfect for Indian cricket fans


bet365 review

Casino Bonus – Up To 8000 Rupees

Bet365 is also great among well-known IPL betting sites. This platform is well known in the world, but for each region it brings pleasant surprises in the form of national favorite competitions. India is no exception, as local bettors have many options available to place. Bet365 offers enough conditions for Indians to bet on IPL in all kinds of markets. Many chances of success plus high odds are good for Indian Premier League fans. Plus, Bet365 offers great live streaming and one of the best mobile betting apps, easily customizable for IPL betting.

Bet365 is a mega-worthy sportsbook where every IPL fan can customize lanes to suit their playstyle, strategy and tactics. This is suitable for real-time betting, considering all aspects of convenience. Bet365, in turn, provides the speed of updating odds. An excellent reputation and protection of the principles of responsible gambling are also positive characteristics of the company. Bet365’s downsides include a weak welcome offer and rare support issues.


Betway Review

100% welcome offer up to Rs 8,000

Betway India has a number of positives when it comes to evaluating whether this site is suitable for IPL betting or not. Betway is great at handling the appetite of IPL bettors and generalizing the league as a whole. The high interest in the IPL made Betway think strategically to satisfy the Indians. Absolutely all betting fans will be satisfied. For example, the company has made divisions Betway Sports and Betway Cricket for more convenient access to cricket bets, especially IPL.

Betway India offers innovative ways and flexibility to implement a variety of IPL event betting strategies that can be thought of by users. The company is characterized by exceptional IPL live betting conditions and good live coverage of matches. Among the positive aspects, it is also worth noting a decent choice of methods for depositing and withdrawing funds, a loyalty program and the availability of mobile applications. Certain customer support issues, lack of markets and bonus offers for IPL fans do not become a major stumbling block.


Dafabet is a betting company that has good facilities for Indians. Local sports and betting fans can place their cricket and IPL bets seamlessly and with a wide variety of options. The live betting line is also on a decent level. You can watch live broadcasts and use instant betting opportunities. In addition, Dafabet provides good odds for IPL matches.

As for other advantages, it is worth noting the presence of large and pleasant bonuses. There are constant promotions for betting lovers. A responsible customer support team can support you in any difficult moment. Dafabet, importantly, accepts Indian rupees as currency, but the choice of banking methods itself is poor. Also, having two bookies can be confusing and confusing for newbies.


10cric Review

Welcome Bonus – 150% up to Rs 20,000

10Cric is considered to be native to Indian users as it focuses entirely on India and everything related to it. An affection for cricket can already be recognized from the name of the sportsbook. 10Cric pays special attention to the cricket section and the IPL as a separate full-fledged subsystem. The wide range of IPL betting options is not limited to simple options such as picking the winner, best man of the match, best batsman, but more sophisticated positions like the number of runs earned in any given inning, and so on. 10Cric is a very cool place for beginner bettors. The site has a special section on cricket and IPL news and thematic materials filled with useful information.

10Cric has great opportunities not only for betting on IPL, but also for providing bonus offers and promotional codes for cricket fans (they are easy to recognize by the presence of cricket, IPL in the name). Full focus on the Indian market of course means that the company accepts Indian rupees. And not every platform accepts from bitcoin as a currency, and in this aspect 10Cric among innovators. 10Cric has drawbacks, especially players from other countries will not like them, because there are some restrictions prepared for them. Regarding bonuses, the situation with no deposit offers needs to be corrected.


Leovegas Review

Bonus 100% Up To ₹10,000

LeoVegas is known among Indians as the ideal environment for gamblers who take advantage of their casino option orientation. Cricket fans know that the king of Mobile Casino is not limited to blackjack and poker. The company pays attention to sports events, offering typical betting options. The site pleases with simple navigation. There is also a good selection of bets and decent IPL odds. In addition, IPL rates are updated regularly.

LeoVegas is well placed to please the Indian IPL fans. The company has betting guides to make the gameplay easier and more accessible for novice users. The cricket and IPL betting blog is most useful for those looking for professional expert advice. Among the disadvantages of LeoVegas are such logical positions as the lack of regular IPL promotions and some difficulties with the work of the support service.

IPL Betting App

IPL betting app can become a paradise for users with Android, Apple, iOS and other mobile devices. For those who are not in the know, it is very simple and realistic to place bets online, not only from PC and desktop versions. 

The world where mobile applications rule because of their speed and convenience has become realistic. In order to place a bet on an IPL match, you just need to download the desired application and register on the sportsbook website. Further, having applications on your device, you need to find the IPL section and enjoy your capabilities. Besides these options, you also need to be in a location with good internet connection.

IPL Betting Odds

Betting odds are a global concept that all professionals in the betting world are familiar with. Beginners who want their cricket and IPL bets to be successful should take a close look at this issue. The understanding algorithm is quite simple. The odds are usually divided into the following types.

  • Decimal is a decimal fraction format. This type of odds is as simple as possible because you can calculate your winnings by multiplying your IPL match bet by a decimal fraction.
  • Fractional or Imperial odds are a manifestation of the decimal format displayed as two numbers separated by a forward slash.
  • Money line or American odds are known as plus or minus numbers, where plus indicates underdogs and minus indicates more successful teams.

IPL Live Betting Rules

The IPL betting rules are extremely simple to understand. To place bets simply do so by following the sequence of steps: Choose the sportsbook site that seems best to you — Check for cricket betting options and IPL sections — Create an account on the betting platform — Make your first deposit — Start betting on IPL. As you can see, this is quite simple, especially if you understand how the odds work.

Now let’s take a look at the most popular IPL cricket betting options. Let’s start by listing the rates.

Match betting

Futures betting

Props Betting

Total Over / Under

Now it’s time to discuss the most popular cricket bets.


This is the easiest bet any player can bet on. But here, too, you need to pay attention to the nuances.


At the end of each cricket match, the best athlete is selected and the Best Player of the Match award is awarded. This is a common bet not only for cricket, but also for football or the NBA. Usually the player of the winning team gets the reward, so the player of the favorite team has a much better chance of winning.


Here you can bet on the batsman who will make the most runs in a match, not only on his team.


This is essentially a bet on the batsman who has the most runs in a match for one of the teams.


This is actually a bet on the number of wickets taken by a particular bowler. Bowlers with a proven track record at wickets are a good choice for this type of bet.

IPL Cricket Betting Strategy

The basis for the success of cricket betting is also the cricket betting strategy. Developing your own strategy is absolutely essential, because it will be better to go this way. Cricket is not the easiest sport to predict, so you need to analyze all the moments. If you allow a lack of strategy, then making risky bets and not thinking about your options, you can lose your funds very quickly and painfully. Limit the betting range, focus on games that are much discussed in the press and on the Internet. In this regard, Indian Premier League (IPL) betting seems to be ideal at the moment. Take advantage of the off-season. You can take the time to study the statistics and history of the teams’ performances. Plus, all of this information is readily available online. For example, there are even websites that collect and provide information about players and teams. Game trends, teams ‘and players’ uniforms also affect results, so keep that in mind. Do not forget to also consider other in-row features before placing bets on a particular match. Start times, weather forecasts, and field conditions can be helpful here. Pay some attention to the cricket blogs, some of the users there write so well that you might think they are professionals when it comes to cricket analysis.

IPL betting tips are also of great importance. Let’s list the most popular IPL betting tips.

  • Rating analysis
  • Analysis of team and player statistics
  • Analysis of champions and winners of past IPL seasons
  • Study the weather forecast
  • Cricket court studies
  • Avoiding betting risks (financial and legality issues)

Bonuses And Promotions

Bonus offers have such a positive attractiveness factor that some users pay attention to them first of all. The benefits of bonuses are obvious both for sportsbooks themselves and for customists. Most of the platforms try to attract players by inviting them to participate in IPL thematic tournaments. This could be, for example, a race for the best IPL odds. Various promotional codes can also be attractive to cricket fans. These kinds of IPL bonuses mean an even more fun experience and adrenaline rush for the player to watch their favorite matches.

Welcome bonuses are the most intuitive and versatile. They are activated by players immediately after registration. Most bookmakers provide first deposit bonuses of 50-150%. The 200% offers are overwhelming at this level and can only be offered by a few platforms looking to surprise their customers. For example, this is done by 4rabet, which offers a 200% welcome bonus.

What Is The Best Site For IPL Betting?

4rabet is by far the best option among the well-known IPL betting platforms offering their services for IPL betting in the Indian market. This is confirmed after an in-depth analysis of the possibilities of sportsbooks in relation to various factors and characteristics with regard to the quality, legality and variety of the betting process on the site. 4rabet complies with all known rules for maximum convenience and a variety of IPL betting options along with awesome odds. 4rabet India has a huge number of bonuses and promotional codes, including a crazy 200% welcome bonus on the first deposit on favorable terms.

The issue of legal IPL betting is awkward because betting is online and offices are not in trends for many years.

You can find in any bookie on front page LIVE button and press it. If your match is live, bookmaker will show you the odds and rates for the match. Afterwards, place your bet.

Follow the strategies, read blogs and bet. Practice makes perfect does not work for betting because it can cost you, be precise and better skip one rather losing. However, do not miss your chance.

  • 4rabet Review

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